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Cat Lovers Who Took It A Bit To Far

  • Tuesday, January 8, 2013
  • Veronica Maddox
  • I am a Cat Lovers, but these people take it to a whole new level!

    Cat Lovers Who Went To Far - Funny Kitty Cat Pictures

    Sometimes those of us who are Cat Lovers show our feline appreciation too much. Like the following people, where you have to question why they went so far. It's one thing to spoil your Kitty with treats and Cat Toys. However, to go so far that you become a quasi celebrity for how much you love your cat is a whole different level. These people are like the Jedi Masters of Cats, while the rest of us are just part of the background nobody's with a couple of seconds of screen time in the the Star Wars films. Lets check out these Cat Masters, these Cat Lovers who just went a little too far.

    See more of these Cat Lovers!

    Pinterest Fashion For The Season

  • Saturday, January 5, 2013
  • Veronica Maddox
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  • Winter is here again and that means another season of Pinterest Fashion!

    With Pinterest Fashion to give us a heads up we can look stunning during the winter! During the winter we usually bundle up to protect us from that cold harsh wind. Not the most stylish of seasons. However with these Pinterest Fashion tips, we don't have to go out looking bad.


    This first ensemble looks great, but I really don't think it's warm enough for her. I love the simple striped shirt, black leggings and boots she is wearing. I like the extra touch of matching the bag with the boots, and contrasting everything with the cold bracelets. Very hot for the winter season. Now someone tell that poor girl to get back inside or else she is going to freeze out there!


    There is no doubt that this model is a lot warmer than the one above. I just added her because I liked the coat. The dress is nice, and I wish I could see more of it. The model I hat though. Someone should tell her to get a refund on the tuition she paid for modeling school. 


    This is not really a Pinterest Fashion, at least not for this century! I just added it since it reminded me of my favorite TV show, "Game of Thrones." This model looks like Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO series. I am so excited that season 3 is about to start March 31st. You can bet I'll be in front of my television when that show starts up again.




    Pinteresting Photo That Describes My Weekend

  • Monday, December 10, 2012
  • Veronica Maddox
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  • Some really Pinteresting Photos that fit perfectly on my how my weekend went.

    Sometimes you find a Pinteresting Photo that sums up everything for the time. This weekend I had to babysit my sisters daughter. I love my niece like there is no tomorrow. However, I know that she has a little temper on her, just like here Mom. It was so tough for her to eat anything I made, since I could not prepare it just like her Mommy does. I received the look just like the photo below. So you know I had to just do a quick posting of her giving me the evil eye! I thought that this Pinteresting photo just said it all to me!

    Brussel Sprouts - Where are the cookies - Pinteresting

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    A Pinteresting Christmas!

  • Thursday, December 6, 2012
  • Veronica Maddox
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  • A Pinteresting Christmas and a Happy Pinning to all!

    Originally posted at

    It is that time of year where we show what a Pinteresting Christmas is all about. When I go on Pinterest, I am surprised there is not much yuletide pinning happening. I would think it would be everyone sharing photographs of how perfect their homes look. Instead, it is all the same old stuff. Still Pinteresting, but nothing really festive for the season. Possibly because everyone is so sick and tired of the holiday already. With Christmas constantly on the television and radio, it is no wonder why no one wants to see more of it on Pinterest. However, yours truly is going to buck that trend by showing some of the most fabulous photo’s I could find. So enjoy this Pinteresting Christmas as much as I am going to try to do.


    This is my favorite Santa photograph of all time! This little cutie looking so happy, and Santa enjoying the moment with her is just priceless. One of those photographs that her parents will keep for years to come. When it came to Santa I was the opposite. I cried my eyes out, like most children do. I swear my Mom has a collection of photo’s of me just looking miserable on Santa's lap. This is the photograph that my parents wished they had of me! Best 2012 Christmas Photograph right there folks.

    The Best Christmas Photo Ever, a very Pinteresting Christmas photo



    We are now going from bad to worst. Here is the worst 2012 Christmas photograph, since it reminds us of everything we have to pay off in 2013! This is not really a Christmas photo, but it does present a point that we all spend way to much money this holiday season!

    What we all face after the holidays


    Most people put up a boring star on top of their Christmas Tree. Why do that when you can have a Harry Potter Sorting Hat at the top of the tree! This is especially nice for any young readers in the family just getting into the Harry Potter books.Harry Potter Tree Decoration 


    Here is something I found someone made Star Wars Stockings. This would be too cool for any Star Wars enthusiasts out there. I noticed they didn’t have a Darth Vader stocking. Don’t blame them, who really wants a black stocking to hang up. Star Wars Socks


    You have to agree this is the Christmas Tree we all see in our dreams. Something lit up with colorful lights with snow on the branches and ground. Just gorgeous how this tree looks.

    Christmas Tree lit up in the snow, Pinteresting Christmas

    Source: via Domenica on Pinterest


    Now this is something I do in my own home, hang candy canes everywhere. Not only does it make the house look more festive, but there are tons of leftover candy to last me until March!



    Now these nails are just plain cute. Santa nails are perfect for the Office Christmas party. Just don’t go overboard by wearing a Christmas sweater too. These alone will show your holiday spirit, and by taking a photo of them you’ll show everyone your having a Pinteresting Christmas too!

    Source: via Bob on Pinterest



    Here is one of the greatest Christmas movies. “A Christmas Story” only had moderate success at the box office. It wasn’t until later it became such a classic. Now we all dread a little bit that 24 hour marathon of nothing but A Christmas Story.

    A Christmas Story DVD

    A Christmas Story doesn’t end there! Everything about this film is for sale. You can get “A Christmas Story Stocking” to hang by your fireplace.

    A Christmas Story Stocking

    You can also get the “A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Neck Tie Green With String Lights” to show everyone at work how much you love this film.

    A Christmas Story Tie


    Lets not forget the “A Christmas Story 20 inch Desk Leg Lamp” for your office, or by your bed.

    A Christmas Story desk Lamp


    However, if you are true fan then your life is not complete until you get the actual Leg lamp! They do sell it, and it comes in the same packaging as in the movie. The “A Christmas Story Full Size 45 inch Leg Lamp” is awesome! I know someone that has it, and he puts it in his front window every year. We all have pictures of us standing outside with “the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.”  Like I said, this is an awesome funny gift!

    A Christmas Story Full Size Leg


    Here is a video I just saw by Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey and The Roots performing "All I Want For Christmas Is You." This unplugged version of the song is really great, and will probably be another hit for Carey!


    So there you have my list for some of the most Pinteresting Pins for this holiday season. Leave a comment if I missed your favorite so I can go back and add it to this post. Stay safe this holiday season, and have a very merry Pinteresting Christmas!

    30 Surprising Facts that Are Pinteresting

  • Wednesday, December 5, 2012
  • Veronica Maddox
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  • I was floored  with some of these 30 surprising facts.

    Some of these 30 Surprising Facts I had never knew, and never would have asked. Like Facebook has 30 million dead subscribers. No wonder their stock is tanking! Leave a comment of any surprising facts you may know. I would love to hear them! I know you will enjoy these 30 Surprising Facts as much as I did!


    30 Surprising Facts, Pinteresting

    Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas!

  • Monday, December 3, 2012
  • Veronica Maddox
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  • Not everyone likes Christmas time, especially Grumpy Cat!

    Grumpy cat with a wreath

    It's not easy for some of us this time of year, especially if your Grumpy Cat! This cat can suck the joy out of any holiday, and would smile about it too. He's like the living embodiment of the Grinch in feline form. He's as cuddly as a cactus,  charming as an eel. He's a bad banana with a greasy black peel! He's a monster that Grumpy feline, his heart is an empty hole. His brain is full of spiders, he has Garlic in his soul. I wouldn't pet him with a 39 and a half foot pole! The three words that best describe him are as follows, Stink Stank Stunk! I couldn't imagine a worst pet to spend the holiday season with than this Grumpy Cat!

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    Pinteresting Movie Props

  • Monday, September 10, 2012
  • Veronica Maddox
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  • Movie Props for sale and very Pinteresting!

    None of the following props would be Pinteresting if they weren’t used in popular movies. Anyone that visits this website on a regular basis knows I love movies. Watching movies at home is fine, but nothing beats the experience of going to the theatre, buying a bucket of popcorn, and watching a great flick! I have even purchased movie memorabilia in the past, and will again in the future. All the Movie Props below are for sale, but I’m not trying to get you to buy them. I linked them to the sales page, because the sales page has more information on the prop than I am willing to type. I do recommend that you do check out the sales site on the ones you like, because it is really interesting! So let me show you some of the props used in your favorite movies. All of them are fun to look at, lucky to own, and definitely all of them Pinteresting.